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Survey thingy   
03:54pm 28/10/2005
mood: bored
Your full name: Jessica Lynne Golden
Age: 18
Height: 5'0-1"ish"
Natural hair colour: light brown dark blondish
Eye colour: green
Number of siblings: 2
Glasses/contacts?: yes/yes
Piercings: 1 in each ear
Tattoos: none yet
Braces?: i used to

Color: PINK
Band: Dashboard Confessional
Song: Living in your letters by Dashboard Confessional
Stuffed animal: my pregnant reindeer
Video game: Mario Cart or Mort the Chicken
TV show: Everwood, Family Guy, or Gilmore Girls
Movie: Princess Diaries 2, Legally Blonde
Book: The Little Engine that Could, 5 People you Meet in Heaven
Food: pizza logs
Game on a cell phone: Snake
Flower: colored roses
Scent: Curious
Animal: puppies
Comic book: far side
Cereal: cinnamon toast crunch
Website: facebook
Cartoon: Stewie from Family Guy

Play an instrument?: piano and oboe
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?: no.. Im not home for 60 hours a week
Like to sing?: yeah
Have a job?: not really
Have a cell phone?: yup
Like to play sports?: yeah
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: not right now
Have a crush on someone?: OMG YEAH
Live somewhere NOT in the united states?: nope
Have more than 5 TVs in your house?: nope
Have any special talents/skills?: not really

Excercise daily?: yes
Like school?: yeah I guess so

Sing the alphabet backwards?: no
Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes?: yes
Speak any other languages?: French
Go a day without food?: i could not:-P
Stay up for more than 24 hours? yeah
Read music, not just tabs?: of course
Roll your tongue?: yup
Eat a whole pizza?: yeah prolly

Snuck out of the house?: nope
Cried to get out of trouble?: nope
Gotten lost in your city?: yeah cuz croghan is so damn big:-P
Seen a shooting star?: yup
Been to any other countries besides the united states?: CANADA!
Had a serious surgery?: yup
Stolen something important to someone else?: nop... unless Ralph's Stewie doll counts
Solved a rubiks cube?: I took all the stickers off.. does that count?? :-P
Gone out in public in your pajamas?: yeah
Cried over a girl?: no...a best friend maybe
Cried over a boy?: YEAH.. A FEW DAYS AGO ACTUALLY
Kissed a random stranger?: nope
Hugged a random stranger?: yeah
Been in a fist fight?: nope
Been arrested?: nope
Done drugs?: nope
Had alcohol?: yea
Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?: nope
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator?: yup.. all the time.. its fun
Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?: no.. but it would be fun I guess
Swore at your parents?: nope
Been to warped tour?: not yet
Kicked a guy where it hurts?: nope
Been in love?: of course
Been close to love?: yes
Been to a casino?: no
Ran over an animal and killed it?: I ran over a snake and his head fell off
Broken a bone?: yes
Gotten stitches?: yes

Had a waterballoon fight in winter?: nope
Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour?: nope
Made homemade muffins?: yes
Bitten someone?: yup;)
Been to disneyland/disneyworld?: no
More than 5 times?: no
Been to niagra falls?: yes
Burped in someones face?: hehe...not on purpose
Gotten the chicken pox?: yes

Brushed your teeth: this morning
Went to the bathroom: I can't remember
Saw a movie in theaters: a few months ago
Read a book: Yesterday
Had a snow day: dont remember our school is mean!
Had a party: August... went to a party last weekend WITH THE MENS HOCKEY TEAM
Had a slumber party: My birthday
Made fun of someone: today, jokingly. we do all the time..
Tripped in front of someone: a few weeks ago
Went to the grocery store: a week ago
Got sick: last week
Cursed: today

Fruit/vegetables: fruit
Black/white: black
Lights on/lights off: depends on what for
TV/movie: movie
Car/truck: car
Body spray/lotion: body spray
Cash/check: cash
Pillows/blankets: pillows
Headache/stomach ache: headache
Paint/charcoal: paint
Chinese food/mexican food: mexican
Summer/winter: winter
Snow/rain: SNOW
Fog/misty: misty
Rock/rap: both
Meat/vegetarian: meat
Boy/girl: boy
Chocolate/vanilla: vanilla chocolate
Sprinkles/icing: sprinkles
Cake/pie: pie unless its chocolate cake
French toast/french fries: french toast
Strawberries/blueberries: strawberries
Ocean/swimming pool: ocean
Hugs/kisses: hugs but kisses are nice
Cookies/muffins: cookies
Wallet/pocket: wallet
Window/door: door
Emo/goth: emo...
Pink/purple: PINK
Cat/dog: dog
Long sleeve/short sleeve: long
Pants/shorts: pants
Winter break/spring break: winter...it's way longer
Spring/autumn: autumn
Clouds/clear sky: clear sky
Moon/mars: moon

How many friends do you have?: God only knows...
What are their names?: are you kidding me!
Do you have a best friend?: I have a few
Have you ever liked one of your friends?: yes
Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends?: equal I believe
Have you ever lost a friend?: yes:-\
Have you ever gone to an amusement park with a friend?: yeah
Whats an inside joke between you and a friend?: Niagra cuz it flows. There was awhole lotta pretty in the room. OMG her head fell off!"
Have you ever gotten in a big arguement with a friend?: yeah
Whats the nicest thing youve ever done for a friend?: bought them Chinese food and Ben and jerrys when they had boy troubles
Whats the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you?: im not sure.. but a lot.. I love my friends
Do you miss any of your old friends?: all the time.
What friend have you known the longest?: Kimmersue of course!
Do you regret anything youve done to a friend?: yeah
If so, what is it?: made them cry
How often do you spend time with your friends?: not much
Do any of your friends drive?: almost all of them
Has a friend of yours ever died?: yup:-\
Whats the dumbest thing youve done with a friend?: too many to count but i'd have to say...
What do you think your friends think of you?: i would hope good things...

Have you ever been in love?: I really like someone right now
If you have, with who?: AKC, but now AL
Are you single?: unfortunately... I shouldn't be... damn this!
Do you believe there is someone for everyone?: YES
What is your idea of the best date?: just hanging out watching tv or a movie...and maybe a little make out session
What was your first kiss like?: dont remmeber it was a long time ago
How old were you when you got your first kiss?: 14 or 15
Do you think love is a load of crap?: no
If you are single, have you had any boyfriends/girlfriends before?: yeah...
Have you ever been dumped?: yes
Have you ever dumped someone?: no

Slippers: Snoopy eating them
Hat: marching band
Hard: ... haha..
Free: I dunno
Space: empty
Taste: food
Good charlotte: Girls don't like boys girls like cars and money
Red: love
Deep: ocean
Heart: broken
Cord: graduation
Cheese: cake
Work: yicky
Pedal: flower...wait that's not right...bike
Head: haha
Bed: warm and fuzzy
Fluff: marshmallow stuff
Hardcore: drunk people and bikes
Race: motorcycles
Knife: I dunno
Jump: how high?

am: bored
want: AL to stop being a butt so we can date
need: something to eat... my sister so I can cry on her shoulder
crave: candy
love: friends, hockey, hockey players lol, family!
hate: having a broken heart like I do
did: get a package in the mail
feel: tired hungry

miss: friends.. Kim, Shell, Katie, Katy, Jo, Amber, Tyler, Josh, Josh, Adam, Sara
am annoyed by: the guy who broke my heart and his pigheadedness
would rather: be with people I miss
am tired of: not having enough time in the day
will always: be me

What is your favourite genre of music?: Dashboard Confessional... it should be its own genre!
What time is it now?: 4:11
What day is it?: Friday
Whens the last time you called someone?: yesterday
Are you hungry?: starving
Whatcha doin?: this survey
Do you like parades?: not really.
Do you like the moon?: sure?
What are you going to do when youre done with this?: eating hopefully
Isnt cup a funny word when you repeat it over and over?: yeah it is hahaha

If you could have any magical power what would it be?: make people love me if I could
Have you ever had a picnic?: yes
Did you ever have one of those skip-its when you were young?: no but I always wanted one
What about sock em boppers?: nope
Are you wearing any socks right now?: yes

funny?: sometimes
pretty?: no
sarcastic?: oh yeah
lazy?: sometimes
hyper?: oh yes..
friendly?: yes
evil?: sometimes but only on days that end in y
smart?: i can be I guess
strong?: haha... no
talented?: not so much
dorky?: yeah

high: idk
skip: Corey
dance: Ralph
lonely: Me...
pen: Weird!
flower: Kim
window: Katie
psycho: Ummm All of us
orange: Joel
sassy: Tina

suicide: against
love: for
drunk drivers: against
airplanes: for
war: against
canada: for, hehe
united states: FOR
rock music: for
gay marriage: IDK
school: for
surveys: when bored... for
parents: For
cars: for
killing: against
coffee: for
pants: FOR

Sky dive?: yeah
Play strip poker?: yeah
Run away?: probably not
Curse at a teacher?: nope

Not take a shower for a week?: no
Ask someone out?: no
Lie to someone to make them think better of you?: would hope not
Visit a foreign country for more than a month?: sure
Go scuba diving?: oh yeah
Write a book?: possibly
Become a rockstar?: yeah
Have casual sex?: nope

What shampoo do you use?: Garnier Fructis
What kind of computer do you have?: Emachine
What grade are you in?: freshman in college
Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies?: YES.. haha
How many posters do you have in your room?: 4
How many cds do you have?: a lot
What time is it now?: 4:16
Still bored   
03:00pm 23/10/2005
mood: amused
So yeah, I'm procrastinating and trying not to write my honors paper because my brain is mushy so I thought I'd update my LJ.

Last night as everyone knows was the hockey game. I went to the post game party at 11 which was a closed party with the hockey team. For those of you who are confused by what I mean when I say closed I mean that only certain people are allowed in. Met lots of hockey players. Got hit on by a few aka David Leggio, and I think it was Nathan Beausoleil and some other guy I don't remember... it might have been Michael Grenzy (AHHHHHHHHHH OMG!) but I'm pretty sure it wasn't. Let me tell you... Michael Grenzy is wicked hot! Talked with Mike Willemsen and Tyrell Mason for a long while. Even did a red hot shot with them... no it is not an alcoholic shot... I didn't want to drink last night. They're wicked cool and I'll be forever immortalized to them as "Red- Hot Girl" or so they say. David Leggio was definately freakin funny though. He tried so hard to get me to come in and drink with him but I was on my way out. I know everyone is thinking I should've gone but the people I came with were all heading back to the dorms and I didn't want to have to walk back to my dorms alone at the early morning hours... there are some creepy guys around. Plus, the upperclassmen on the hockey team have a little competition with who can get the most girls to sleep with them and I know that's prolly what David would have ended up trying to do. I think he would've tried but hopefully Ty and Mike would have come to my rescue. I refuse to be a puck slut! lol.

Anywho, I had to share my glorious night last night with everyone because its been my life goal to go to a party and hang out with the hockey team. i was definately suprised at how nice they were and how down to earth. IT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!

Other than that classes keep me really busy. I'm always doing homework and I always have more homework to do. Speaking of homework, I really need to get back to doing mine. Talk to everyone later... come up and watch a hockey game!

Jessica Lynne Kiara
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Bored and procrastinating...   
02:55pm 23/10/2005
mood: tired
[A is for age:] 18
[B is for booze of choice:] Fuzzy Navels
[C is for career:] Chemical/Bio-medical Engineer or Pedriatric Orthopedic Doctor
[D is for your dad's name:] Dannie
[E is for essential items to bring to a party:] Good music
[F is for favorite song at the moment:] Sadly enough: Alcoholic by Xhibit... thanks to RALPH!
[G is for favorite game:] Candy Land or Words of Wizdumb
[H is for hometown:] Croghan
[I is for instruments you play:] piano, oboe
[J is for jam or jelly you like:] raspberry jelly
[K is for kids?] none yet...
[L is for living arrangements:] at college with my roomie
[M is for mom's name:] Theresa
[N is for name of your crush Anthony
[O is for overnight hospital stays:]three or four times, no wait it was five I think
[P is for phobias:] big boats, deep water, bats, rejection, ooh and SPIDERS
[Q is for quotes you like:] "Be Good. Be Happy. Be Proud of Who You Are..", Oh snap!
[R is for relationship that lasted the longest] rather not say
[S is for sexual preference:] male
[T is for time you wake up:] 7 ish
[U is for underwear:] orange I think
[V is for vegetable you love:] PEAS
[W is for worst habit:] overanalyzing and being way too nice
[X is for x-rays you've had:] back numerous times, appendix, tibia, I think that's it
[Y is for yummy food you make:] chocolate chip cookies
[Z is for zodiac sign:] capricorn
12:48pm 17/10/2005
mood: nerdy
Well, I figured I could update in the five minutes I have to myself. So here goes a brief summary

1. Boys are stupid... they don't know what they want
2. I'm sick... haven't had a voice in 5 days and I am going to cough up a long if i don't get medicine.
3. Engineering is a hard major
4. Hockey is freakin awesome
5. I own this bowling thing
6. Dunkin Doughnuts is good at 1:30 in the morning
7. Dining out in the military is super fun!

Anywho, Meghan Jones if you read this plan on the Union hockey game November 5. Number 24 is still playing and I think we need to be there to umm how to phrase this delicately... GET HIM BENCHED AGAIN! Let me know if you wanna come cuz you can come up Friday night and stay for the game Saturday if you'd like.

To everyone, come up to the hockey games... let me know if you're coming and we can hang out!

Jessica Lynne Kiara
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Home tomorrow night   
11:35am 29/09/2005
mood: content
YAY FALL BREAK STARTS TOMORROW WHEN CLASSES ARE DONE! I can hardly wait. I'm going to go home and sleep in my big bed right in the middle and not have to worry about falling out of bed onto a cement floor! I'm going to see my friends... fun stuff there! Prolly have a hot tub party with Kaitlin Nicole, prolly go to the movies with Jennie, go see Katy P, see Johnny, Adam, Josh, the other Josh, Sara. I can hardly wait... I've missed everyone soooo much.

I'm gonna go cell phone shopping too. I need a new cell phone with a better plan because mine is too expensive! I'm a poor college student now that can't afford her cell phone lol. I have to go to the eye doctor too when I come home. God I love Potsdam but sometimes its nice to just go home and see the people who know me from way back when. I know I'll like being home for like a day and then I'll be ready to go back. But I get to see my mommy and daddy and my little boy and Shellsy!

So I have my chem hourly tonight and I'm so ready for this i think... or at least I hope. I didn't do so well on physics... three dimensional analysis and all. Definately harder than high school physics.

Well I'm gonna go eat cuz I'm hungry. Like always

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10:08pm 26/09/2005
mood: scared
Its been so long since I've updated that all these things have happened that I haven't told people. But that's going to have to wait because I can feel a break down coming on. I just need a good cry and I'm so uptight that I can't even do that.

I'm seeing someone now. It makes me soooo happy but I'm petrified at the same time. I don't know where its going; I don't see an end. And thanks to Alex I have a trust complex... I'm so afraid of being lied to and having my heart ripped to pieces again. I feel so awful because he's so good to me and I overanalyze everything he does because Alex let me down so much. I never analyzed anything he did and he screwed with my head so much... making me think he loved me and then finding out that he lied about drugs and everything. I feel so bad for taking this out on my boy but my heart still isn't all better. What do I do?

Classes... wow the homework is ridiculous. I'm taking twenty credit hours right now and I'm so busy that it seems like I never have a moment where I don't have homework. But I'm managing.

Pep band sucked tonight. They promised me they would get me an oboe and then come to find out; oh they can't... the place they rent doesn't have any. I was so angry so I had to walk all the way back to my dorm room. GRRR! But Tina (my roommate) is letting me use hers so I can play next week.

I just feel like I'm messing everything up... nothing feels like its right. I'm so happy one minute and the next I'm so sad. There's no happy medium. I just want to not jump from one extreme to another.

But wow, that's alot of complaining. For all that feels bad, its so nice here. I wouldn't trade this for high school again in a million years. Its so much easier to fit in here.

Jessica Lynne
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04:54pm 06/09/2005
  God, I'm really bad at keeping these updated at least with interesting updates. So what has been happening since the last update... soooo much!

Classes started and I had to take a calculus test to stay in calculus and engineering. I passed thank god with the help of a junior named Spencer. He taught me everything I needed to know right before I went in. I think he likes me... I'm not sure. I've been talking with Shea Guthrie... a hockey player from Clarkson... pretty cool guy! Umm... what else... Anthony's roommate is psycho in love with me... he's like a stalker... but its fun.

I joined the pep band so I will now be traveling to hockey games with the team and playing the oboe again. I can hardly wait... fun stuff to come! Other than that... i've been hanging with the crew and exercising... which reminds me I mad screwed up my ankle running the ROTC trails with Anthony, Ralph, and Joel. Its been swollen now for two days! I dunno what to do with it. So I'm not running right now and I really want to. I definately will NOT be gaining the freshman fifteen!

Other than that... its school work up to my ears. You think you get lots of homework in JCC classes? NOT ANYWHERE NEAR WHAT ENGINEERING MAJORS GET AT CLARKSON!

Well, that's it... I'm gonna get going... dinner soon and I need to clean up my room

PS I'm coming home this weekend

Jessica Lynne
01:41pm 01/09/2005
  This is a test post from Photobucket.com  
11:48am 28/08/2005
mood: happy
Well I've been here, this will be my fourth day. I really like it here which let me tell you makes all the difference in the world. The people here are really nice...and yes it is true I have way more guy friends than girls.

Yesterday was Departmental meetings for freshman... there aren't a whole lot.. probably like twenty-five people who are majoring in chemical engineering. Then after that Kristina (that's my roommate), Laura (one of our friends), and Will (one of our friends also) walked into Potsdam and we went to the University bookstore and then a CD store where I got a nice Muppets poster to hang on my wall and up toward where the Catholic Church is so I would know where mass was today. Then we came back and kristina and Laura and I met up with Vincent and Christopher and Kevin for lunch but somehow in the process of getting lunch we lost all the guys to different tables. Then we came back to the room and we went and met new people named Ralph, Joel, and Nick. They all came to our room and we played cards. We were joined by Michaelyn and Laura, Elise, some girl I don't remember and Ben. It was so fun... we had ten people playing spoons in our tiny dorm room. Ooh and Ralph... wicked hot! Then we had a floor meeting and Holcroft night where I hung out with Tina (my roommate), Ralph, joel, Nick, Andrew, Michaelyn, Laura, Kevin, and two guys I don't remember their names. There were fireworks and I GOT TO SEE THE WHOLE CLARKSON UNIVERSITY MENS HOCKEY TEAM WITHOUT PADS OR HELMETS ON... LIKE 25 HOT GUYS! The pep band was there.

Then all of us went to Cheel and watched "The Hypnotist" a guy who could do kind of like psychological magic tricks... wicked cool stuff!

today i got up and went to church at 8. Then, yes I know I am a dork, I'm going to the ultimate frisbee tournament to watch some of the guys play. Then back to do homework and get my stuff ready for class tomorrow. I suppose college won't be as fun once classes start but who knows... everyone still needs to come visit.

Talk to y'all later.

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This is it...   
08:23pm 24/08/2005
mood: nervous
Well this will be my last update for a little while. I leave for Clarkson tomorrow morning. God I don't think I can do this. But I will... its just fun I guess to be dramatic. Scared like crazy. You know, my senior year all I wanted to do was graduate but now that I'm a freshman all I want to do is meet new people but at the same time keep everything the way it was. A word to the seniors... don't wish the time away... it goes fast enough on its own!

But yeah... I've been doing my goodbye thing this week... tough stuff. Although when I was saying goodbye to my brother he asked me if he could fly my kite while I was gone. Don't think it really bothered him much that I was leaving. Well, maybe a little.

Well, i would love to chat more... but I have absolutely nothing to say. Wish me luck!

Jessica Lynne
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These are fun!   
11:27pm 20/08/2005
my pet!
11:24pm 20/08/2005
my pet!
10:58am 18/08/2005
mood: anxious
I leave for school in exactly a week. Scary... very scary. But I'm so ready to go. Time to meet new people and do new things. Tennis that means starts in 11 or 12 days... I lost count. First match a little over two weeks from now. Excitement.

But anywho, my life for this next exciting week. Here it goes. Working 12-4 at Wishy's today. 6:30-9:30 tomorrow... my last day. I've been there for 3 years... it seems weird to be done. Saturday is the party at Kim's... its gonna be fun. Sunday leaving for Syracuse... Monday Syracuse (I'll be home sometime that night), Tuesday probably down to tennis practice for a little while.. show the little ones how its done... hahahha... they'll show me! Wednesday hair appointment and saying goodbyes! Thursday... CLARKSON!

So that's about it. I don't really know what else to say except that this summer has flown! I have figured out so much in my life. Some of it really late and it hurts but better late than never. I feel I'm in a good place because of this.

Well, this was the most boring entry but oh well. Maybe it'll get more exciting as interesting things happen in college.

Jessica Lynne
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05:55pm 15/08/2005
mood: confused
Here I sit at Kaitlin Nicole.... hmm this is starting an awful lot like Kim's last entry. hehehehe. Yes, I am at Kaitlin's and we are hanging out until its time for us to go and sing at Brookside. I love singing. Maybe I should do that for a job.

Yup I leave for college in 10 days. Time to start becoming an adult. A little scary.

Other than that... nothing really very exciting going on. I'll update more later when stuff starts happening. Talk to y'all later.

Jessica Lynne
11:46am 14/08/2005
mood: blank
Well, this last week was officially crazy! I worked Sunday morning at Wishy's... fun stuff. Then I worked Monday- Thursday at Kraft; Thursday was my last day... we had an icecream party and my Barbie Friends bought me doughnuts. I'm actually going to miss the people that work there. But I'll be back when I come home on break. Friday I went to Plattsburgh with Sara, Kate, Josh Y, Adam N, Colin, and Brendon. More about that in a second. yesterday went to H2O'town with Shell then to Kaitlin Nicole's and church, motorcycle with my dad... yada yada. Today I work 2-9 at Wishy's.

Back to Plattsburgh... had lots of fun with everyone I went with. But not so much fun with the guy I went to see. He kinda blew me off right when I got there. I went and gave him a hug and he was like, "I gotta go get a drink... see you at the show." Nice huh, specially for a guy who has been IMing me every day for the last 3 weeks saying how excited he is that I was coming up to the show. How it was going to be so awesome... blah blah blah. Then upon further discovery... actually he showed me (he was drinking Captain Morgan) he was WASTED! I came three and a half hours to see this guy whom I haven't seen in a year and he was wasted... he probably won't even remember I was there! Things got a little better toward the end but it still wasn't what I expected. But the ride home was awesome... played truth all the way home with Brendon and Sara. It was great.

But yeah, that's enough fuming I suppose. I guess I just really thought that a guy who supposedly used to think I rocked his world should have at least been a little more... I dunno... attentive. Is that asking much?


Well, that's about it for now. Next week, I'm at Wishy's every night except for Monday... I work there Monday morning and then will be in Syracuse that night for dinner with my G-rents.

More later. Have lots of fun... but not too much

Jessica Lynne
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Fun things I steal from Kim   
02:18pm 10/08/2005
mood: amused

[Name] Jessica
[Sex] Female
[School] Clarkson
[Sign] Capricorn
[State] NY
[Exact Location] 9482 State Route 812


[Current Date] August 10th
[Current Time] 1:19pm
[Clothes] Aeropostale shorts, a coral American Eagle top, and Louis Vuitton sunglasses
[Weather] sunny and hot
[Hair Do] pigtails
[Footwear] bare feet
[Mood] tired and psyched
[Talking To] No one
[Sounds] Simple Plan
[h][o][w] [m][a][n][y]

[Cups On Desk] 0
[Pets] 2
[Siblings] 2
[Cousins] 12 on dad's side... 0 on mom's
[Aunts] 5
[Uncles] 5

[h][o][w] [m][a][n][y] [t][i][m][e][s] [p][e][r] [d][a] [y] [d][o] [y][o][u]

[Change Clothes] once or twice
[Brush Your Teeth] twice
[Brush Your Hair] depends i guess
[Eat] 2 or more times
[Say the Word "ok"] lots
[Yell at Your Siblings] lots and lots
[Slam Doors] not too much

[h][a][b][i][t][s] [(do you)]

[Procrastinate] sometimes
[Stress] way more than i should
[Take out Your Issues On Others] sometimes
[Self Injure- (ex: cut, burn, pull hair)] nope
[Have an Eating Disorder] no unless overeating is
[Tend to Judge People] i try not to, but everyone does.

[for a million bucks ] [(would you)]

[Name Your Kid Dammit] prolly not
[Strip For Your Classmates] sue
[Shave Your head] sure
[Wax Off Your Eyebrows] god yes
[Wax An Old man's Back] duhhh yes
[Sit In a Cage With 4 Hungry Wolves] No probably not.
[Eat A Snake] no way
[Swim With The Jelly Fish] yeah
[Make Out With Your Teacher] depends if he was cute or not
[Strip At a School Pep Assembly] NO!
[Stand up In Class And Flip Your Teacher The Bird] no

[a][l][m][o][s][t] [o][v][e][r]

[Why Did You Take This Survey] cuz i'm bored
[What's The Time Now] 1:22
[What Are You Doing After This] getting ready for work

The Average Day..
Starts at ____ o' clock.: 9ish
First thing I think when I wake up is: I don't wanna work tonight
The first thing I usually do is..: make my bed
If I eat breakfast, it's usually..: poptarts and coffee
I get in the shower no later than..: i take one at night or no later than 10
I wash my ____ first.: face
And I wash my ____ last.: hair
I'm usually on the computer by..: depends
If I leave the house, I'm going to..: work or church or shopping
I eat lunch by ____ o' clock..: 12:30
For lunch, I usually eat//drink..: pb and j with milk
It usually takes me ____ to get ready.: 45 minutes
I usually spend _____ on the computer.: 1 hour

As For Today..

I woke up at..: 9
have eaten..: chicken pot pie
I have gone to..: Wishy's then to work
I've been on the computer for..: 15 minutes total
I have been to these websites --: livejournal, yahoo
I wish I was..: sleeping


I plan on waking up at..: 8
Spend my day doing..: getting my hair cut and going to work at Kraft... MY LAST DAY
Talking to..: Kim and my mommy
Listening to..: I dunno
Thinking of...: Plattsburgh
Laughing about..: anything that comes my way
Getting angry about..: oh idk

If You HAD To Choose..

Having the flu, or having a cold?: A cold.
Piercings all over your face, or piercings `everywhere` else?: face
Failing a class, or getting suspended?: failing a class
Having to sit in a tub of snakes, or having to eat a tub of snakes?: sitting.
Eating a super-moldy peach, or drinking a glass of super-spoiled milk?: peach
Dying, or losing your memory?: Losing my memory
Going schitzo or being a mass murderer?: schitzo...lol
PMSing for the rest of your life, or getting your period everyday?: PMS...my god i dont think i could handle the other one

Have You Ever..

Been stood up?: yup
Had your Wisdom Teeth removed?: not yet
Played an instrument, and sucked at it?: weelll... yup
Seen a UFO?: nope
Pulled an all-nighter?: ohh yes
Been drunk?: no
Been high?: no
Been giving a speeding ticket?: nope
Eaten octopus or squid?: no way
Been to a play?: yeah 42nd street
Gone surfing?: no
Snowboarding?: kinda
Kissed someone of the same sex?: no.
Kissed someone of the opposite sex?: Yes.
Been in a real castle?: yeah
Had an eating disorder?: haha yeah right
Cut yourself on purpose?: nope
Been in a car accident?: kinda
How Many..

Piercings do you have?: 1 in each ear
Tattoos do you have?: 0
Pets do you have?: 2
People live in your house?: 5
Rings you're wearing?: 1 at the moment
People you have dated?: 2 (3 if you count a summer fling that wasn't official)
People you've actually loved?: 1

What's Your Favorite..

Color(s)?: yellow and green
Cereal?: cinnamon toast crunch
Pajama's?: boxers and a hockey jersey
State?: Colorado... and TEXAS
Movie?: Phantom and Troy
TV show?: Gilmore Girls and the Bachelor
Disney movie?: Princess Diaries
Soda?: orange
Video//PC game?: Mort the Chicken
Way to spend a Saturday?: with my friends
Class in school?: I dunno yet... better be chem if I'm gonna be a ChemE
Ice cream flavor?: Cake n Icecream
Candy?: I dunno... laffy taffy
Lollipop flavor?: cherry
Teacher?: in hs it was Puddington, Widrick and Boliver... college... I'll let you know
Teacher you have a crush on right now?: EEW!

What If..

You could go on vacation anywhere. Where would you go?: Greece
You could change your eye color. What would you change it to?: Gray
You could meet any two celebrities. Who would you meet?: Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom
You could kickass at any sport. Which one would you pick?: tennis and hockey...duh.
You could date any teacher in your school. Who would you wanna date?: um. WEIRD.

About Your Personality..

Shy or outgoing?: shy well i guess it depends
Do you laugh a lot?: hahahaha...oh...yeah.
How can someone tell your laugh isn't fake?: oh you can tell.
Do you get annoyed easily?: depends
Do you complain a lot?: i try not too
Do you have a few close friends, or just friends?: a lot of friends....and a few very close ones
Do you get jealous easily?: eh...sometimes
Do you cry a lot?: not so much anymore.
Do you cry during movies?: yup
Do you raise your hand in class a lot?: nah
Do you enjoy loud parties with a bunch of your friends?: not really
Do you prefer double dates, or `alone` dates?: alone dates

In The Last Week Have You..

Eaten pizza?: yes
Eaten chinese food?: No.
Made out?: no
Thrown up?:no
Gone hot tubbing?: No.
Went shopping?: yes
Taken a test or quiz?: no
Gone to the doctors?: no
Gone to the dentist?: no
Seen a movie?: not in the theaters
Which one?: Cinderella
Got into a big fight with a friend?: No.
Got into a big fight with a close friend?: Noo...

Random Questions..

Where were you on Halloween?: home... watching TV
What are you doing this weekend?: Going to Plattsburgh, sleeping, work
Are you in a fight with any of your friends right now?: nope.
What's your screen name?: caelestis329
What's your favorite name for a girl? McKenna and Shia
For a boy?: Curtis or Seth
Do you have your own computer?: yes
Do you like to watch really scary movies?: yes
When's the next birthday party you're going to?: i dunno
Do you have braces?: not anymore
What color do you want to dye you hair?: red
Have you ever cried over a teacher before?: no, weird.
Are you gay?: no...that was random.
My life at CU   
09:26pm 06/08/2005
  Well for everyone who loves me and is planning on a visit up to good ol CU, I thought I'd let ya know what my schedule is.

On Monday I go from 9 am- 3:50pm
Tuesdays I go from 9:30 am to 2:15 pm
Wednesdays I go from 9 am to 2:50 pm
Thursdays I go from 9:30 am - 3:45 pm
Friday I go from 9:00am to 3:45

Talk to y'all later

Jessica Lynne
03:43pm 05/08/2005
mood: accomplished
For anyone and everyone going to Plattsburgh with me on the 12th. Talk to me! hahahaha... sorry that was random. Its just we have to decide where we're meeting before we leave. And probably what time we're leaving. I was thinking... around 1 p.m. That'll give us four hours to get there... at 5. Time to stop and eat... and time to find the place before the doors open at 6:30. Not sure what time we'll be home but that's okay!

But yeah... so I have one week (well actually four days left at Kraft).

This is my week for this weekend and next week. Friday 6:30- 9:30 at Wishy's. Saturday 9-3 at Wishy's. Sunday 9-4 at Wishy's. Monday I have to be at Kraft at 6:30 a.m. for a breakfast then back again to work 3-11. Tuesday- Thursday at Kraft 3-11. Friday- PLATTSBURGH to see Cory. Saturday... sleep! Sunday work 2-9 at Wishy's. Exciting stuff I know. Sara... we have to figure out when you,me, and Adam are going to Brantingham to hang with Josh... has to be soon cuz I leave in three weeks!

Well that's about it. Talk to y'all later.

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Lame updates... yup that's me   
11:57am 29/07/2005
mood: silly
I have the lamest updates in my journal ever.... why don't people tell me I'm this lame? But anywho, that's beside the point.

TWO WEEKS LEFT AT KRAFT... YESSSSS!!!! Its the poopiest job ever but I make good ( I mean wicked good) money and I also get to work with fun people like Brett, Tracy, Cindy1, Cindy2, HOlly, Joanne, Nicole, Kisa. Fun stuff. But I also have to work with weird people. One guy told me I reminded him of a Barbie doll and that I was too perky for an office job so I should work with the dolphins. He's so odd! We laughed really hard and now all the temps call me Barbie. We've decided Brett was Ken... he doesn't know it tho.

Then I finish with a week at Wishy's. Always fun cuz I like the people I work with... plus who could not like ice cream.

Then I have a week to pack and say good bye (tear tear but I'm sure people are gonna come visit me)and i leave for college. Scary but exciting... hockey player heaven

Well, that's about it.

Jessica Lynne
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I forgot to add this in   
07:20pm 23/07/2005
  HOckey schedule at Clarkson for next year... better stop up and say hi to me and the pretty hockey players.

10/7/2005 Niagara University Niagara Falls, NY 7:00 pm
10/8/2005 Niagara University Niagara Falls, NY 7:00 pm
10/14/2005 PROVIDENCE COLLEGE Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
10/15/2005 UMASS AMHERST Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
10/21/2005 WESTERN ONTARIO (exh.) Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
10/22/2005 USA UNDER-18 TEAM (exh.) Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
10/28/2005 WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
10/29/2005 WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY Cheel Arena 7:30 pm
11/4/2005 RENSSELAER Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
11/5/2005 UNION COLLEGE Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
11/11/2005 Brown University Providence, RI 7:00 pm
11/12/2005 Yale University New Haven, CT 7:00 pm
11/18/2005 PRINCETON UNIVERSITY Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
11/19/2005 QUINNIPIAC UNIVERSITY Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
11/25/2005 HARVARD UNIVERSITY Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
11/26/2005 DARTMOUTH COLLEGE Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
12/9/2005 Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, OH 7:00 pm
12/10/2005 Miami University Oxford, OH 7:00 pm
12/30/2005 Bemidji State - UVM TOURNAMENT Burlington, VT 4:00 pm
12/31/2005 UVM TOURNAMENT - Championship Game Burlington, VT 7:00 pm
1/6/2006 ROCHESTER INST. of TECH. Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
1/7/2006 St. Lawrence University Corel Centre, Ottawa, ONT 2:00 pm
1/13/2006 Union College Schenectady, NY 7:00 pm
1/14/2006 Rensselaer Troy, NY 7:00 pm
1/20/2006 Colgate University Hamilton, NY 7:00 pm
1/21/2006 Cornell University Ithaca, NY 7:00 pm
1/27/2006 ST. LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
1/28/2006 St. Lawrence University Canton, NY 7:00 pm
2/3/2006 Quinnipiac University Northford, CT 7:00 pm
2/4/2006 Princeton University Princeton, NJ 7:00 pm
2/10/2006 CORNELL UNIVERSITY Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
2/11/2006 COLGATE UNIVERSITY Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
2/17/2006 YALE UNIVERSITY Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
2/18/2006 BROWN UNIVERSITY Cheel Arena 7:00 pm
2/24/2006 Dartmouth College Hanover, NH 7:00 pm
2/25/2006 Harvard University Cambridge, MA 7:00 pm
3/3/2006 ECAC Playoffs First Round (Best-of-three series) 7:00 pm
3/10/2006 ECAC Quarterfinals (Best-of-three series) 7:00 pm
3/17/2006 ECAC Tr. Semifinals Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY tba
3/18/2006 ECAC Tr. Championship Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY tba
3/24/2006 NCAA Northeast Regional Centrum Centre, Worcester, MA tba
3/24/2006 NCAA West Regional Engelstad Arena, Grand Forks, ND tba
3/25/2006 NCAA East Regional Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY tba
3/25/2006 NCAA Midwest Regional Resch Center, Green Bay, WI tba
4/6/2006 NCAA Tr. Semifinals Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI tba
4/8/2006 NCAA Tr. Championship Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI tba
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